Effortlessly fetches and displays WordPress site settings or options. With simple syntax and fallback capabilities, it accesses various website options securely. Suitable for a wide user range, it’s ideal for dynamic site customization.

How it works Dynamic Shortcodes

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  • Your name, your identity!: Easily display vital site settings like your homepage URL or blog name with {option:blogname}. It’s like having a master key to your website’s info! 🔑
  • Your Website’s Backbone Revealed: Instantly display your site’s core URL with {option:siteurl}. Perfect for quick references and backend tasks. It’s like having a GPS for your website’s structure! 🌐
  • Home Sweet Home: Use {option:home} to showcase your homepage’s URL on any page or post. Guide visitors back home with ease, creating a user-friendly experience! 🏠
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