The Dynamic Shortcode “for” is a handy tool for iterating over arrays in your content. You can easily cycle through each element of an array, including associative arrays, and display them with your desired format. It applies templates to each item, making it ideal for structured formats like lists.

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  • Seamless Looping Magic: Iterate through any list or array and create stunning templates for each item with {for:item {array:dog cat llama} [
  • {get:item}]}. 🔄
  • Sophistication with Separators: Elevate your lists with the sep keyarg, transforming {for:item {array:dog cat llama} {get:item} @sep=’, ‘} into a polished and professional “dog, cat, llama”. 🖋
  • Roles: Showcase the roles of the current author {for:role {author:roles} [
  • {get:role}]} 🕵️‍♂️
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