Offers conditional content display based on specific criteria, seamlessly integrating with all Dynamic Shortcodes. This powerful tool allows for tailoring content to various conditions or user interactions, making it highly adaptable for diverse content needs. Its capability to work in conjunction with other Dynamic Shortcodes enhances its versatility.

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  • Dynamic Comparisons On-the-Go: Pair it up with comparison shortcodes like lt (less than), gt (greater than), eq (equal to), and more to create powerful conditional statements. {if:{lt:10 20} ‘Lower’ ‘Higher’} dynamically evaluates whether 10 is less than 20, and returns ‘Lower’. Voilà!
  • Smart Decision-Making with ‘If’: Use {if:condition true false} to effortlessly guide what your visitors see based on conditions. No coding degree required! 🎓
  • Switch it Up: Use {switch:X test1 result1 test2 result2 default} to match X against a list of values, returning the associated result. Perfect for quizzes, product features, and more! 🎲
  • Time-Sensitive Content: Ensure your content stays relevant with time-based conditions. Use something like {if:{lt:{date:now@format=’H’} 12} ‘Good Morning!’ ‘Good Afternoon!’} to greet your visitors appropriately based on the current time of day. ⏰
  • Member-Exclusive Content: Create a members-only area on your website. {if:{user:is_logged_in} ‘Welcome back, member!’ ‘Become a member to access exclusive content!’} ensures only logged-in users see member content. 🔐
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