Shows specific post or page information in conjunction with the Toolset plugin. Fetches data like custom fields, with flexible display options. Enhances content presentation for all user levels.
This feature requires the Toolset plugin to work.

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  • Field Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Easily display any field from the Toolset plugin with {toolset:my_toolset_field}. Customize your site’s content without breaking a sweat! 🌟
  • Cross-Content Mastery: Use {toolset:my_field@id=123} to seamlessly integrate data from different posts. Perfect for creating a dynamic, interconnected web of content! 🌐
  • Pure Data Power: Need the unformatted truth? Retrieve the raw value of any field with {toolset:my_toolset_field@output=raw}. Ideal for developers who love to get their hands on the nuts and bolts! 🔧
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