A flexible tool for displaying and manipulating dates in various formats. Users can show current or specified dates, customizing the format per PHP date function standards. It supports time interval adjustments and conditional date displays, making it versatile for various applications like deadlines. Suitable for all user levels, it adds dynamic date functionality to WordPress.

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  • Date Dynamics: Easily display any date with a user-friendly English string. Want to showcase today’s date? Just type {date:now}. It’s that simple! 📆
  • Format Flexibility: Customize how your date appears with our format keyarg. {date:now@format=’Y-m-d’} ensures you display the date exactly how you want it. Tailor-fit time to your taste! 🎨
  • Countdowns and Count-ups: Create excitement for upcoming events or celebrate anniversaries by showing how many days are left or have passed since a specific date. {date:{acf:event_date} ‘-1 day’} for a countdown or {date:{acf:event_date} ‘+1 year’} for a yearly anniversary. 🎊
  • Precision and Power: For those who crave even more control, our timedelta shortcode allows you to add or subtract specific time intervals with surgical precision. {date:{acf:start_date} @ sub={timedelta:@days=1 hours=2}} brings power to your posts! ⚙️
  • Smart Date Comparisons: Set up conditional content that responds to dates. If you want to display a message only before an event starts, {if: {gt: {date:{acf:event_date}@fmt=U} {date:now@fmt=U}} [Event is Coming Soon!]} does the trick. Make your content react in real-time! 🔄
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