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ACF Flexible Content

Insert an ACF Flexible Content field on your page and template in an easy way.

ACF Repeater

Using ACF repeater fields (including nested repeaters) is painless with our widget, and you enjoy the freedom of using Elementor templates to create the layout you prefer.

Address Autocomplete for Elementor Pro Form

Use autocomplete to give your form fields, on an Elementor Pro Form, the type-ahead-search behaviour of the Google Maps search field.

Advanced Filtering from Search & Filter Pro

So you love Search & Filter Pro as much as we do, right? With our widget you can implement it in Elementor. The power of advanced filtering is under your fingertips.

Amount field for Elementor Pro Form

Adds real-time calculation, for example, of the price of your services, and is compatible with all numeric form fields in Elementor Pro. Great for booking, loan calculations, etc.

Conditional Validation for Elementor Pro Form

Do you wish to ensure that the form that is about to be submitted has all conditions met, and maybe you even wish to hide the submit button if they aren't? Now you can enforce that!

Copy to Clipboard

Now you can offer your visitors a foolproof copy to clipboard of any text, code snippet or long text. It stores in their system clipboard, which means it can be pasted anywhere from there.

Dynamic Cookie

Are you looking to set or unset cookies with dynamic values? Now, on your Elementor pages, you can!

Dynamic Due Date for Elementor Countdown

You love the Elementor Pro countdown widget, but you wish you could set the number of days dynamically? Now you can!

Dynamic Redirect for Elementor Pro Form

Ever wanted to redirect a user based on a choice in a form? We got you covered! Our extension allows you to redirect a user to different URLs based on his choice on submitted form fields value.

Dynamic Select Field for Elementor Pro Form

Would you like to show cities based on countries? Or different classes per school? We make it easy to create these lists! The only limit is your imagination.

Dynamic Tag Image Token

A Dynamic Tag for Tokens that return Images and Media content.

Dynamic Tag PHP

Add PHP to your page directly! Gone is the cumbersome process of creating shortcodes and adding them with a widget.

Dynamic Tag Template

Do you want to dynamically insert a template in Elementor Free? Now you can! We bring the dynamic tag to you, inside text field, text area and WYSIWYG field.

Dynamic Tag Token

Dynamic Tags are normally only available to Elementor Pro users. With our extension you can now use this power of pulling all kinds of data, including custom fields, into all elements that support it.

Dynamic Visibility

Do you want to hide a part of a page you are working on? Or do you want to show something only if a certain condition is met? We've got you covered. This extension allows you to show or hide any widget, column, section, container, or content of an entire page.

Export for Elementor Pro Form

Field Length for Elementor Pro Form

Sometimes you want to restrict how much someone can type in a form field, right? Now you can set the minimum and maximum number of characters allowed.

File Include

Hidden Label Field for Elementor Pro Form

Sometimes you need to know / display the label of the item you get the value from. With this extension you can!

JS Field for Elementor Pro Form

Geek out with JS! When JavaScript is your mojo, you can put your Elementor forms on steroids by getting and calculating with the values from one or more fields from your form.

Method for Elementor Pro Form

For hard core devs: change the send method from AJAX (Elementor's default) to GET or POST.

Password Visibility for Elementor Pro Form

Allowing your users to set a password to visible when they type it, is not only great UIX, it's also a very important accessibility feature!


PHP Validation for Elementor Pro Form

This is for the hardcore masters of PHP, because we love coding freedom too!

Regex Field for Elementor Pro Form

Need to check if a VAT number adds up? Or did you get a regex formula from your tax office? We give you the place to put it!

Remote Content

Shortcode with Tokens

This widget allows you to easily insert a native WordPress shortcode using Tokens.

Signature Field for Elementor Pro Form

Submit on Change for Elementor Pro Form

Instead of a send button, you can use a radio button or a select field (with images, if you prefer) which will submit the form once clicked.

Telegram for Elementor Pro Form

We love Telegram too! And that's why you can now send messages to Telegram via your form.

Text Editor with Timber