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Add shortcode into the post text to show every value from Post, User e Option. Here some examples:

  • [user:email]
  • [user:registered|5]
  • [post:title|12]
  • [post:title|1?A title]
  • [post:_elementor_version:0]
  • [option:elementor_version]
  • [option:sidebars_widgets:wp_inactive_widgets]

Shortcode composition:
[ (open tag)
post (or user or option, required)
: field name (required, native fields and meta are supported)
: sub field key (optional and multiple, if field is array)
| ID (optional, if omitted will take the current)
? Fallback text (optional, shown if field value is null)
] (close tag)



Hello Visitor, my name is Dynamicooo.
If you were logged I can use your data e metadata to compose personalized pages.
For example: Mario Rossi live in Venice and he was born in 22/08/2018


In our site Dynamicooo is running Elementor 2.1.
Contact us by mail: info@dynamic.ooo

Structured data are supported helping the Editor
to create his texts.


Did you know that first post is always “Hello world!“? You can use token everywhere, also can generate dynamic images using post meta fields: