Released on October 26, 2022

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  • New: Dynamic Visibility for Elementor's Popups

    Dynamic Visibility can now be used to show and hide Elementor's popups using the familiar conditions from Visibility.

  • Tweak: ACF Fields: New ACF type Display, it uses the format already provided by the ACF settings

    With the new ACF type the formatting is controlled by the formatting settings in the ACF Field itself.

  • Tweak: Dynamic Posts widgets, skin accordion: Compatibility with Elementor's inline icons experiment

    The new elementor experiment made the accordion icons appear too big.

  • Tweak: Add a dce-favorites Shortcode, presently it can be used to get the number of favorite posts by the current user

    With the [dce-favorites] shortcode you can get how many posts the logged-in user has added as favorites. Use [dce-favorites key="custom"] if you selected a custom key.

  • Visibility: You can now use data-visibility-ok html attribute to force hiding custom style elements

    HTML style tags are never hidden by visibility. This happens because the style of one widget can affect other of the same type if they are visible. by using <style data-visibility-ok> in your custom styles you can ensure that the visibility rules will be observed.

  • Fix: Dynamic Posts had problems working on author pages

    As an example, the if the author had no posts, no posts would be shown even if the query was not of type author.

  • Fix: Form Method bypassed browser validation

    The automatic browser validation of required fields was not done if the Form Method was set to Post.

  • Fix: PHP errors on Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form with more than two mail sent (in some setups)

    Some user have reported that the second mail sent would cause a PHP error, this is now fixed.

  • Fix: Views: Repeated background images inside Elementor's Templates

    When a dynamic image was set as a background image instead of differing all the images would be the same as the first one.

  • Fix: Performance problems with ACF Fields in the frontend

    May ACF Fields on the same page could cause significant slowdowns

  • Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: The carousel would get wider and wider in some cases

    Strange bug that cause the carousel to spread out indefinitely, only happening in some edge cases.

  • Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: Values below the smallest responsive breakpoint were wrong

    When using responsive dependent settings related to the carousel the screen below the smallest breakpoint would get the same setting as the desktop breakpoint.

  • Fix: Conditional Validation can now be used like Conditional Fields with each condition on its own line

    Before you had to use the and operator to have the same effect.

  • Minor Fixes