Released on March 3, 2022

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  • New: Text Editor with Tokens and Dynamic Tag Token support JetEngine Fields. The new token is [jet:field-key]

    Now you can also use JetEngine Fields on Tokens. For example, you can use [jet:field-key] to display a field

  • New: Dynamic Posts now supports JetEngine Fields

    Added support for Dynamic Posts to display JetEngine Fields and choose their style

  • New: Range Field for Elementor Pro Form

  • New: HTML Converter for PDF Button widget

    Added new convert HTML to PDF Button widget. Allows you to create lightweight PDFs and define their style.

  • Tweak: all features based on ACF now accept JSON and PHP local fields

    Now all our features that works with ACF can retrieve JSON and PHP local fields

  • Tweak: Tokens can now be used inside PayPal descriptions

    Within the description of Paypal for Elementor Pro Form you can now use the tokens [form]

  • Fix: PayPal amount and name, when taken from other fields, are not stuck to the value they had after PayPal button first click

    In previous versions, the value of the amount and name, when taken from other fields, were locked to the value they had when the payment button was first clicked.

  • Fix: some additional form style options provided by the Message Generator extension didn't work

    Message Generator for Elementor Pro Form styles were not working correctly.

  • Fix: Content Widget didn't work inside a Search Result page

    The positioning of the Content widget did not produce any results within the search page.

  • Fix: PDF Button, JS Converter would fail under certain situations

    Fixed an issue that caused PDF creation using JS Converter to fail in some situations.

  • Notice: versions released after June 30th, 2022, will require PHP v7.1 or greater

    All versions released after 30 June 2022 will no longer support PHP 7. The minimum version required will be PHP 7.1

  • Minor fixes

    Minor fixes