Released on October 12, 2021

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From this version Dynamic Posts v2 is called Dynamic Posts. The old version, called "Dynamic Posts (old version)" is deprecated but we will not remove it.

In this section you can define HTML templates. At the moment they can be used with the PDF Generator - HTML Converter

Display your WooCommerce products with different skins and choose the items you want to display. Change how they look with a few simple clicks. Customize your store to make it unique and personalized!

It's always nice to remind to your customer that they're only a few clicks away from delivery. Some people like to wait until they can see their cart in person, but then it might even feel like the last little push is too much and end up clicking back over to our competitor's site instead. Show your customers the WooCommerce products they have in their cart!

“The right choice is the easier choice.” That's why our widget shows WooCommerce upsells products for you to sell to your customers with just one click of a button. So, if they chose this awesome t-shirt, they might want to buy the t-shirt + this awesome sweatshirt!

Wish you could recommend products together with your customers? We've got this for you. Cross-sells give a great customer experience by recommending similar or complementary products in a way that invites shoppers to browse the entire site. Show easily cross-sells products for a WooCommerce product.

When your customers are logged in, My Posts gives them a quick look at all the content they've created. View their posts with different skins and choose the elements you want to display

Display Sticky Posts with different skins and choose the items you want to display.

Show to your customers a clean and clear search page! Display Search Results with different skins and choose the items you want to display.

Show to your customer a list of the favorites (posts, page, products, etc) they have. Works in combination with the "Add to Favorites" widget'

This feature is a life-saver for any form creator. With Confirm Dialog, you can ease visitors worries about making the wrong choice by giving them instant feedback on their submission before it’s sent. Confirm Dialog for Elementor Pro is an easy-to-use component that allows you to use Confirm/Cancel style dialogs on your form.

Start coding today on Elementor by adding Dynamic Tag PHP! Create the impossible with the power of PHP.

The PDF Viewer is a powerful tool for viewing PDF files on Elementor across any device.

This widget is perfect for those who want to show a different page in an iFrame.

Use this widget onto any page to showcase your files from Google Document.

Now you can choose all the details of your query by setting the arguments of WP_Query via PHP, directly on Elementor

Improved loading time of Dynamic Visibility features in the editor

Improved loading time of FileBrowser widget in the editor

We have removed the Custom Meta Fields tab and now you can choose custom fields directly from the Items tab

360 Slider Navigation now works properly even on dark backgrounds

If you use a multilingual site, if a customer likes the post "Hello World", he will automatically like the same post in all languages

For some customers Pods Relationship was not working correctly on Dynamic Posts

We have added support for multiple choice fields on Amount Fields

Users using multiple inner sections in a template had problems with Match Height in Dynamic Posts

If you played a video inside Modals, the video and audio continued to run in the background. Now the video is automatically stopped

Some users when editing Dynamic Posts settings in editor mode had problems because the settings were not updated

Minor fixes