Released on July 23, 2021

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When other plugins use the same libraries, compatibility problems arise. As of this version, we have solved this problem

From this version we renamed Dynamic Posts v2 in Dynamic Posts

As previously informed, we have removed the Paged converter, which was included in the beta version, from the PDF Button widget

You can now use OpenStreetMap maps on Elementor

You can add HTML & Tokens as Style Items on Dynamic Posts

On Views widget now you can add a custom class for the wrapper of the grouping fields

We added the compatibility with WPML v4.5

Added compatibility check for Elementor 3.3.x

The plugin works correctly on WordPress 5.8

We removed the icons from Dynamic Posts Editor settings to match Elementor's UX

Now the people that are using "My FastAPP" plugin can show/hide elements with Dynamic Visibility

When you used templates with featured images as background on Dynamic Posts, Infinite Scroll didn't load the right images. In the image below you can see the problem we had.

When you use WPML the terms have a different ID for each language. Now Dynamic Visibility based on terms checks it in the current language.

Masonry didn't work correctly in the skin Grid With Filters. A normal grid was displayed instead.

Now Views can correctly sort results by multiple fields

Date fields in ACF showed dates only in English and not in the current language.

Minor fixes