Released on June 17, 2021

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From this version, you can create users with Save for Elementor Pro Form only if you enabled "Membership" on WordPress General Settings. Please enable it if you want to continue to use this feature.

Add a tooltip to any widget! Tooltips are a great way to provide additional information about an object without taking up much space. They’ve become popular in recent years as designers and developers have looked for ways to reduce the amount of clutter on their pages.

Setting the value of a field on Elementor Pro Form with JavaScript is a great way to get your form values from one or more fields in your form. You can use this type of field when you want to customize the input.

This feature helps you validate your Elementor Pro forms with simple conditional expressions. This will help to ensure that the form is submitted only if all of the conditions are satisfied, and also hide the submit button in the browser if they aren't.

Do you want to create a countdown timer that will automatically set a dynamic value of the end date? Add a Dynamic Due Date field on Elementor Countdown widget. Elementor Countdown is a great way to increase conversions on your website, but what if you want to set the number of days in the widget dynamically? Well, now it’s possible!

Now you can filter your posts in real-time with Grid with Filters skin.

Now the assets for each skin are loaded only when the skin is used.

Now you can choose the fields you want to show on Dynamic Posts v2 and remove the fields you don't use. This speeds up your Elementor Editor. Before it can take even 10 seconds to load the "Items List" tab.

You can set the same height to Dynamic Posts v2 with the skins Grid, Grid with Filters, Grid to Fullscreen 3D and Carousel

You can filter queries in Dynamic Posts v2 and show the posts of the current user.

Now you can filter the query even for ACF Relationship on Dynamic Posts v2

You don't need anymore to disable cache plugins on the page you use Stripe for Elementor Pro Form.

We added the compatibility check for Elementor Pro 3.3.x.

We renamed Custom PHP Validation for Elementor Pro Form to PHP Validation for Elementor Pro Form

Now you can use shortcodes on ACF Repeater - HTML and Tokens area.

Now you can use relations with attachments on ACF Relationship widget

You can remove the attached PDF fields from the server after the email is sent. You can choose it from Dynamic Email.

In the past versions, you can't set different values on Carousel Skin for mobile and tablets.

Now Dynamic Select for Elementor Pro Form works correctly for fields with spaces

Now Amount Field for Elementor Pro Form retrieve values from Dynamic Select

Now you can choose if you want to render the signature as JPEG. It's useful because some signature fields would not be rendered on the PDF when sent as PNG.

When you set the meta fields on Save for Elementor Pro Form it didn't works correctly.

On previous versions, Date Filter on Dynamic Posts v2 didn't work correctly

Paged Converter will be removed from PDF Button widget after June 30th, 2021

Minor fixes