Stand with Ukraine

10 customers were able to buy our Lifetime Professional for 299 euros (excluding tax) instead of 499 euros.
More than 40% discount, the highest ever.

100% of the proceeds were donated to the Red Cross which, from Italy and all other countries, is working to deal with the humanitarian emergency the Ukrainian people are experiencing.


The 10 professional lifetime licenses for our “Stand with Ukraine” initiative have been purchased.
Below is the confirmation of the donation.

Thank you to everyone who shared and participated in this initiative, thank you for the generosity that so many of you have shown, and thank you to the Crocoblock team.
Ours is just a small contribution, which we hope will be added to by many others from all over the world.

You can continue to donate to the Red Cross from this link.

We thought of this initiative on the occasion of our new version 2.4.0, with which we introduced the integration with JetEngine.

Together with the Crocoblock team, we have chosen the Red Cross, which is working to raise funds to buy and collect food, medicines and medical supplies for the Ukrainian population.