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360 Slider

The 360 Slider widget allows you to generate a rotation effect through a set of images. Great for professionally showing products from different angles, for example!

ACF Slider

Creating a responsive, highly customizable slider or carousel of images from the ACF gallery field is really easy now! Whether horizontally or vertically, that's entirely up to you.

Address Autocomplete for Elementor Pro Form

Use autocomplete to give your form fields, on an Elementor Pro Form, the type-ahead-search behaviour of the Google Maps search field.

Advanced Masking

Let your creativity flow, apply masking effects on the basic widgets (image, image-box and video) available in the free version of Elementor.

Advanced Video Controls

Do you want to customize the look and feel of the video widget? Now you can! Works for YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted MP4 (includes download prevention for self-hosted videos).

Animated Off-Canvas Menu

Creating a beautiful off-canvas menu in just a few mouse clicks is now a reality. It elegantly slides in and displays a full-screen menu when a menu item is clicked.

Animated Text

Create captivating animated text sequences (8 variations) based on characters, words or entire lines, with full control over speed, amount, delay, easing and equation.


The power of animation effects is now yours! You can apply an animation effect to ANY widget using CSS3 combined with keyframes.

Background Canvas

WebGL power to you! Easily integrate WebGL with Background Canvas in your website and apply shader effects to edit your images.

Before After

Display your image with a before / after effect. Ideal when you want to show comparisons between two items!

Cursor Tracker

Create your own funky cursor tracker as a graphic element, that follows your cursor on the (Elementor activated) page. You can also choose on which page you want to show that cursor.

Dynamic Google Maps

Display multiple locations and posts with custom markers on a Google map is now a reality. And it includes JSON Snazzy, for beautiful colourful and stylish display of your map.

Dynamic Select Field for Elementor Pro Form

Would you like to show cities based on countries? Or different classes per school? We make it easy to create these lists! The only limit is your imagination.

Enhanced Multi-Step for Elementor Pro Form

Field Description for Elementor Pro Form

Adding a description / additional text to your form field is very easy now, and the best? you can also add it as a tooltip.

Fire ModalWindow

Icon Format

Icons for Elementor Pro Form

Aren't they cool, these forms with beautiful icons in front of the field labels or inside the input? Add them with one click.

Inline Align for Elementor Pro Form

No need to use custom CSS to display your radiobuttons of checkboxes in a row, with this extension you can do that in one click!

Meta Box Google Maps


Page Effects Scroll

Page Inertia Scroll

Page Scroll

Page Snap Scroll



QR and Barcodes

Read More Button


Reset Button for Elementor Pro Form

We can think of several situations where being able to reset a form. Long forms, multi-step forms, or calculation forms, for example. And so we created the Reset Button for you!