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ACF Gallery

The ACF Gallery widget allows to display a list of elements generated by an ACF Gallery field and is customizable in several ways!

Add to Favorites

Allow your visitors to save all their favorite posts and products, create a wishlist and save pages they like, as if they were registered users by storing data in cookies.

Advanced Filtering from Search & Filter Pro

So you love Search & Filter Pro as much as we do, right? With our widget you can implement it in Elementor. The power of advanced filtering is under your fingertips.


Insert fully customizable breadcrumbs and generate paths inside your page.


Ever wanted to display (part of) the content of a certain post, in a page? Now you can. Formatted or unformatted. Besides that, you can determine the number of characters shown.

Copy to Clipboard

Now you can offer your visitors a foolproof copy to clipboard of any text, code snippet or long text. It stores in their system clipboard, which means it can be pasted anywhere from there.


Want to display a post date in a specially designed way, with different styles for day, month and year? Now you can!

Dynamic Google Maps

Display multiple locations and posts with custom markers on a Google map is now a reality. And it includes JSON Snazzy, for beautiful colourful and stylish display of your map.

Dynamic Posts

Display your posts and archives ANY way you like and with the conditions/selection (based on queries) you choose! You can design your own grids but of course, as usual, we also offer some really nice pre-made grids. Drumroll.... we have timeline, accordion, carousel, slideshow, 3D, and many other layouts!

Dynamic Posts (old version)

Dynamic Tag – Favorites

Dynamic Tag – My Posts

Dynamic Tag – Posts

Dynamic Tag – Sticky Posts

Dynamic Tag – Woo Wishlist

Dynamic Template

So you have parts in your design that you would want to update from one single place? That's actually an Elementor Pro feature but with our plugin you can now also unleash the power of dynamic templates in the free version of Elementor.

Dynamic Title


Featured Image

Fire ModalWindow

Meta Box Google Maps

Meta Box Relationship


My Posts

When users create content through frontend submission, this is a great feature to have if you want them to have a slick experience viewing all posts they created when they are logged in!

PDF Viewer

Would you like to show a PDF file on your site? We've got you covered. Simply use our PDF Viewer.

Post Meta


Read More Button

Search Results

A good looking search results page is a must-have in every website. Now you can display a grid with or without filters, carousel, dual Carousel, timeline, 3D, grid to fullscreen 3D, and a crossroads slideshow.

Single Posts List

Sticky Posts

Sticky posts, displayed the way YOU like it? Here you go! You can use a skin, but you can also design it as you like in conjunction with our Dynamic Posts widget.

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