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Dynamic Google Maps

Display multiple locations and posts with custom markers on a Google map is now a reality. And it includes JSON Snazzy, for beautiful colourful and stylish display of your map.

Dynamic Google Maps Directions

An interactive map with route details and geolocation, enhancing user experience by providing step-by-step directions and travel information.

Dynamic OpenStreetMap

Embed and customize OpenStreetMap on your site, no API key required

Dynamic Tag – Map Info

This add-on enhances the widget Dynamic Google Maps Directions by displaying estimated travel times. It helps users plan routes efficiently and ensures a seamless navigation experience.

Dynamic Tag – Map Instructions

This add-on, when integrated with the Dynamic Google Maps Directions widget, provides clear step-by-step directions, allowing users to navigate with ease and confidence.

Meta Box Google Maps


Not happy with Google Maps and their demand for an API key? You can use the OpenStreetMap!