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ACF Flexible Content

Insert an ACF Flexible Content field on your page and template in an easy way.

ACF Gallery

The ACF Gallery widget allows to display a list of elements generated by an ACF Gallery field and is customizable in several ways!

ACF Relationship

The ACF Relationship widget enables you to tap into the full potential of ACF's Relationship field. Effortlessly create stunning templates to showcase your content without modifying any code.

ACF Relationship (old version)

The ACF Relationship widget allows you to exploit all the potential of the Relationship field in ACF. Build incredible templates to display your content without touching any code.

ACF Repeater

Using ACF repeater fields (including nested repeaters) is painless with our widget, and you enjoy the freedom of using Elementor templates to create the layout you prefer.

Add to Favorites

Allow your visitors to save all their favorite posts and products, create a wishlist and save pages they like, as if they were registered users by storing data in cookies.

Advanced Filtering from Search & Filter Pro

So you love Search & Filter Pro as much as we do, right? With our widget you can implement it in Elementor. The power of advanced filtering is under your fingertips.

Dynamic Google Maps

Display multiple locations and posts with custom markers on a Google map is now a reality. And it includes JSON Snazzy, for beautiful colourful and stylish display of your map.

Dynamic Posts

Display your posts and archives ANY way you like and with the conditions/selection (based on queries) you choose! You can design your own grids but of course, as usual, we also offer some really nice pre-made grids. Drumroll.... we have timeline, accordion, carousel, slideshow, 3D, and many other layouts!

Dynamic Posts (old version)

Dynamic Products

We bring you superpower in displaying products! You can set several skins (including timeline!), display effects and use advanced queries.

Dynamic Products On Sale

Sale? Sure, now it's easy. Displaying your WooCommerce products on sale with out widget can really boost your conversion!

Dynamic Select Field for Elementor Pro Form

Would you like to show cities based on countries? Or different classes per school? We make it easy to create these lists! The only limit is your imagination.

Dynamic Tag – Favorites

Dynamic Tag – My Posts

Dynamic Tag – Posts

Dynamic Tag – Products

Dynamic Tag – Sticky Posts

Dynamic Tag – Tags

The Dynamic Tag - Tags feature allows for easy display of WordPress tags, enhancing content discovery and simplifying navigation for your audience.

Dynamic Tag – Terms

The Dynamic Tag - Terms feature allows you to easily display terms, improving content organization and navigation, and enhancing the user experience.

Dynamic Tag – Woo Product Categories

The Dynamic Tag - Woo Product Categories feature enables easy retrieval and display of WooCommerce product categories, streamlining navigation and improving the shopping experience.

Dynamic Tag – Woo Wishlist

Dynamic Users


Meta Box Google Maps

Meta Box Relationship

ParentChild Menu


Product Cross-Sells

Cross-selling is one of the keys to a better turnover. We make displaying cross-sell suggestions really easy for you.

Product Upsells

Upselling is a great way to boost your turnover. With our widget it's easy to entice your customers to buy more products. And you can style that, any way you like!

Products in the Cart

Show customers what they already have in their cart, on any page in your shop This is a very powerful sales impulse for your customer! Imagine how you can entice them when you combine this with upsells and cross selling!

Remote Content