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ACF Fields

The ACF Fields widget allows to dynamically display a custom field created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Manage and style it as you like!

ACF Flexible Content

Insert an ACF Flexible Content field on your page and template in an easy way.

ACF Gallery

The ACF Gallery widget allows to display a list of elements generated by an ACF Gallery field and is customizable in several ways!

ACF Relationship

The ACF Relationship widget enables you to tap into the full potential of ACF's Relationship field. Effortlessly create stunning templates to showcase your content without modifying any code.

ACF Relationship (old version)

The ACF Relationship widget allows you to exploit all the potential of the Relationship field in ACF. Build incredible templates to display your content without touching any code.

ACF Repeater

Using ACF repeater fields (including nested repeaters) is painless with our widget, and you enjoy the freedom of using Elementor templates to create the layout you prefer.

ACF Slider

Creating a responsive, highly customizable slider or carousel of images from the ACF gallery field is really easy now! Whether horizontally or vertically, that's entirely up to you.

Add to Calendar

Don’t let your users forget an appointment! They can now add any event to their calendar (without you having to install an entire event plugin) with just one click. Supports Google Calendar, iCal, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook, and

Dynamic Due Date for Elementor Countdown

You love the Elementor Pro countdown widget, but you wish you could set the number of days dynamically? Now you can!

Dynamic OpenStreetMap

Embed and customize OpenStreetMap on your site, no API key required

Dynamic Tag – ACF Relationship

The Dynamic Tag - ACF Relationship feature enables seamless integration of ACF Relationship fields within dynamic tags, greatly enhancing the functionality and flexibility of Elementor Pro Forms.

Dynamic Tag – Meta Box Relationship

The Dynamic Tag - Meta Box Relationship feature allows seamless integration of Meta Box Relationship fields within dynamic tags

Dynamic Visibility

Do you want to hide a part of a page you are working on? Or do you want to show something only if a certain condition is met? We've got you covered. This extension allows you to show or hide any widget, column, section, container, or content of an entire page.


Not happy with Google Maps and their demand for an API key? You can use the OpenStreetMap!

Pods Fields

Pods Gallery

Pods Relationship

Post Meta

Toolset Fields

Looking to display custom fields from Toolset. Don't worry, we've got you covered with this widget.

Toolset Relationship

Yeah, we know you love toolset. :-) We do too. So when you want to display relationship fields, now you can!

User Fields


Do you want to easily want to create your custom query and display all your filtered elements in a grid, also in Elementor Free? Now you can, and this works with posts, users and terms!