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ACF Fields

The ACF Fields widget allows to dynamically display a custom field created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Manage and style it as you like!

ACF Relationship

The ACF Relationship widget enables you to tap into the full potential of ACF's Relationship field. Effortlessly create stunning templates to showcase your content without modifying any code.

ACF Relationship (old version)

The ACF Relationship widget allows you to exploit all the potential of the Relationship field in ACF. Build incredible templates to display your content without touching any code.

Add to Calendar

Don’t let your users forget an appointment! They can now add any event to their calendar (without you having to install an entire event plugin) with just one click. Supports Google Calendar, iCal, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook, and

Add to Favorites

Allow your visitors to save all their favorite posts and products, create a wishlist and save pages they like, as if they were registered users by storing data in cookies.

Add to Woo Wishlist

A wishlist can seriously boost your conversion! With our wishlist widget, this is very easy to implement.

Animated Off-Canvas Menu

Creating a beautiful off-canvas menu in just a few mouse clicks is now a reality. It elegantly slides in and displays a full-screen menu when a menu item is clicked.


Insert fully customizable breadcrumbs and generate paths inside your page.


Ever wanted to display (part of) the content of a certain post, in a page? Now you can. Formatted or unformatted. Besides that, you can determine the number of characters shown.

Cookie Action for Elementor Pro Form

Set cookies after submitting the form.

Copy to Clipboard

Now you can offer your visitors a foolproof copy to clipboard of any text, code snippet or long text. It stores in their system clipboard, which means it can be pasted anywhere from there.

CopyPaste Cross-site

Copy and paste content, widgets, sections, etc. from one Elementor site to another on a different domain. Cross site copying and pasting of all of your page content is now only a few clicks away!


Want to display a post date in a specially designed way, with different styles for day, month and year? Now you can!

Discover Tokens

Document Viewer

Displaying a slick preview of your documents is easy now! For example: PDF, MS Office documents, Google docs, sheets, slides, forms and drawings.

Dynamic Charts

Charts, graphs, pie-charts, you can now generate these in no-time, either by manually adding data, or importing from an external CSV.

Dynamic Cookie

Are you looking to set or unset cookies with dynamic values? Now, on your Elementor pages, you can!

Dynamic Google Maps

Display multiple locations and posts with custom markers on a Google map is now a reality. And it includes JSON Snazzy, for beautiful colourful and stylish display of your map.

Dynamic Tag – ACF Relationship

The Dynamic Tag - ACF Relationship feature enables seamless integration of ACF Relationship fields within dynamic tags, greatly enhancing the functionality and flexibility of Elementor Pro Forms.

Dynamic Tag – Favorites

Dynamic Tag – Meta Box Relationship

The Dynamic Tag - Meta Box Relationship feature allows seamless integration of Meta Box Relationship fields within dynamic tags

Dynamic Tag – Tags

The Dynamic Tag - Tags feature allows for easy display of WordPress tags, enhancing content discovery and simplifying navigation for your audience.

Dynamic Tag – Terms

The Dynamic Tag - Terms feature allows you to easily display terms, improving content organization and navigation, and enhancing the user experience.

Dynamic Tag – Woo Product Categories

The Dynamic Tag - Woo Product Categories feature enables easy retrieval and display of WooCommerce product categories, streamlining navigation and improving the shopping experience.

Dynamic Tag – Woo Wishlist

Dynamic Tag Image Token

A Dynamic Tag for Tokens that return Images and Media content.

Dynamic Tag Token

Dynamic Tags are normally only available to Elementor Pro users. With our extension you can now use this power of pulling all kinds of data, including custom fields, into all elements that support it.

Dynamic Template

So you have parts in your design that you would want to update from one single place? That's actually an Elementor Pro feature but with our plugin you can now also unleash the power of dynamic templates in the free version of Elementor.

Dynamic Title

Dynamic Users

Dynamic Visibility

Do you want to hide a part of a page you are working on? Or do you want to show something only if a certain condition is met? We've got you covered. This extension allows you to show or hide any widget, column, section, container, or content of an entire page.