360 Slider
The 360 Slider widget, previously called "Threesixty 360", allows you to generate a rotation effect through a set of images. It is a perfect tool when you need to show your product from different viewpoints. The more images you have, the better the transition between each image will be.
ACF Fields
The ACF Fields widget allows to dynamically display a custom field created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Manage and style it as you like whether it is a text, a textarea, a select, a number, a date_time, a date, an embed video, a file, a url, an image, a wysiwyg. The ACF fields widget can be used on a template or on a single or archive type page:
  • Single Posts;
  • Terms archive;
  • User Page;
  • Options page.
ACF Gallery
The ACF Gallery widget allows to display a list of elements generated by an ACF field Gallery and customize it as follows.
  • Images can be displayed in:
    • flex grid;
    • masonry;
    • justified;
    • single image;
    • rhomboidal-shaped frame (diamond);
    • hexagonal-shaped frame.
  • You can customize width and space depending on the device;
  • The background mode allows to perfectly stretch images;
  • Overlay image allows to create overlay effects;
  • The rollover panel creates effects when mousing over images to identify a selection;
  • You can personalize blur, contrast, saturation and tone filters;
  • The widget supports not only Lightbox, the default feature on Elementor Free, but also the powerful PhotoSwipe which is highly responsive and equipped with zoom.
This widget requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro.
ACF Relationship
The ACF Relationship widget allows you to exploit all the potential of the field Relationship of Advanced Custom Fields. Combining Advanced Custom Fields with our widgets, you can create relationships between your data and build incredible templates to display your content without touching a line of code. Use data taken from related posts and set them as you like:
  • List;
  • Grid;
  • Tab;
  • Accordion;
  • Select.
Watch: WPTuts tutorial
ACF Repeater
ACF Repeater widget allows you to display your ACF Repeater fields or nested repeater on your page and template in an easy way, using the following visual renderings:
  • Text;
  • List;
  • Grid;
  • Masonry;
  • Carousel;
  • Table;
  • Accordion.
You can also use Elementor templates block to create the layout you prefer.
ACF Slider
The ACF Slider widget allows you to pick a list of elements generated by an ACF field gallery and create a slider or a carousel of images:
  • The system uses swiper.js for managing;
  • Display your slides horizontally or vertically;
  • Set the animation: Fade, Slide, Coverflow or Cube effects (more endearing effects to come);
  • Count on the responsiveness based on the number of elements, amount of moved elements and columns;
  • Customizable browsing with progress bar with SVG-based arrows;
  • Customizable pagination with bullet or number listing;
  • Loop, autoplay, mouseWheel or Keyboard are available, other than progressBar and scrollbar.
This widget requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro.
Add to Calendar
Don’t let your users forget an appointment! They can now add an event to their calendar just in a click. You can export all event data to:
  • Google Calendar;
  • iOS Calendar;
  • Outlook.
and many more.
Add to Favorites

Thanks to the Add To Favorites Button your visitors can save all their favorite posts and products, create a wishlist and save the pages they like by storing data as registered users, in cookies or globally inside an option.

Address Autocomplete for Elementor Pro Form
Use autocomplete to give your form fields, on Elementor Pro Form, the type-ahead-search behaviour of the Google Maps search field. The autocomplete service can match on full words and substrings, resolving place names and addresses.
Advanced Masking
If you like to be creative the Advanced Masking Extension is perfect for you. It allows you to apply masking effects on the basic widgets available on Elementor free version:
  • Image
  • Image-box
  • Video
Advanced Video Controls
The Advanced Video Controls extension allows you to customize the style of the Video widget controls and prevents the direct access to your videos. It works on video from:
  • YouTube;
  • Vimeo;
  • Self hosted mp4.
Amount field for Elementor Pro FORM
The Amount Field extension allows your website users to calculate in real time the price of your services while they are filling out the form. This useful calculator field is compatible with all Elementor PRO numeric fields:
  • Input;
  • Radio;
  • Select.
Animated Off-Canvas Menu
Animated Off-canvas menu is positioned outside of the viewport and slide in when activated. It displays a fullscreen menu that appears when you click on an icon.
Animated Text
The Animated Text widget allows you to create captivating and animated text sequences based on:
  • Chars;
  • Words;
  • Lines.
You can choose among 8 different types of incoming and outcoming animations and set parameters as speed, amount, delay, easing and equation.
The Loop Animations extension allows you to apply an animation effect to any widget using CSS3 combined with keyframe based on ideas that share the common purpose of creating elements. Available types of animation:
  • Float;
  • Pulsate;
  • Swing;
  • Grow;
  • Explode;
  • Shine;
  • Emerge or sink;
  • Roll;
  • Bounce.
  • Forward;
  • Backward;
  • Alternate;
  • Inverted Alternate.
  • Duration;
  • Delay;
  • Direction Equation.
Background Canvas
The Background Canvas widget allows you to easily integrate WebGL with Canvas in your website and apply shader effects to edit your images. The following effects are available:
  • Halftone, that reproduces the dithering effect;
  • Film, characterized by vibrating horizontal lines that resemble the effect of an old television;
  • Pixel, that resembles a low resolution image;
  • Glitch, a creative distortion;
  • Shift RGB, characterized by the Shift of the RGB channels that compose the image;
  • Dots, an old style black and white dithering effect.
Before After
The Before After widget allows you to display an image with a before – after effect, which is ideal when you need to make a comparisons between two items. Parameters:
  • Horizontal or Vertical orientation;
  • Customizable handler;
  • Customizable tags.
The breadcrumbs widget allows you to insert breadcrumbs and generate paths inside your page automatically. Thanks to this widget you can:
  • customize colors;
  • customize character, size and typography;
  • customize the space between the elements;
  • define a separator character;
  • make with or without the homepage.
If  Yoast breadcrumbs is enable use yoast options.
Button Copy to Clipboard
The Button Copy to Clipboard widget allows you to store any text in the Client Clipboard, such as:
  • an Url;
  • a Code snippet;
  • a long Text.
Once copied, the data will be stored in System Clipboard and ready to be pasted everywhere. See: Elementor360 tutorial
Conditional fields for Elementor Pro FORM
The Conditional Field extension allows to add conditional visibility to Elementor Pro form fields. You can decide to settle each field as it follows:
  • always visible;
  • show if another field…;
  • hide if another field…;
You can hide or simply disable them. You can also compare the field value with all common operators (empty, equal to, greater than, etc).
The Content widget allows you to add the content of a specifc post to a page. You can display your content format as:
  • Text only, that means it will appear unformatted;
  • Text with automatic <p>;
  • Interpreted by the Shortcode the_content.
You can also state how many characters you want to show, so that you can create a shorter version of your content. Moreover, if you need to, you can select the source choosing dynamically among the content of the same page or from other specific posts.
CopyPaste Cross-site
Are you losing your time recreating common features from site to site? Now you can copy your content from a site to another on a completely different domain. The CopyPaste extension flawlessly integrates with the native Elementor interface and functionalities. You can easily copy widgets, columns, sections, and all page content. Quickly export all of your page content just in a few clicks. To use this feature you need it installed on both sites.
Cursor Tracker
The Cursor Tracker widget allows you to display a graphic element that follows the cursor on the Elementor Page, marking the level of scrolling. You can manage the following parameters:
  • Dimension;
  • Stroke width and color;
  • Opacity;
  • Fill color;
  • Enable or not the scroll progress.
You can also decide on what page you would like to show the cursor.
Custom PHP Validation for Elementor Pro Form
This extension will allow you to validate your form based on the conditions that you set. You can use the variable $fields to access field values (eg $fields["field_id"]). The validation succeeds only if the PHP code does not return or return false. If it returns [$field_id, $error_message], then the error message will be reported for that specific field.
The Date widget allows to add the date of the post you want on your web page. With this widget you can:
  • Set 3 blocks or lines and disply the date;
  • Apply different design on each and every line;
  • Define the character you want as a separator.
The DoShortcode widget allows you to easily insert a native WordPress shortcode and thus recall a block of code that already exists with its related content.
Dynamic Cookie
Set or unset cookies with dynamic values on your Elementor pages with ease.
Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro FORM
The Dynamic Email extension allows you to easily create your email template with all the advantages of Elementor and send the emails you need with the dynamic data submitted by the user form.
  • No limitation on number of email;
  • Set your condition to send an email, depending by form data;
  • Quickly enable or disable the email for future use;
  • Dynamic fields also for To, CC & Bcc recipients;
  • Save your Email template as an Elementor template.
Dynamic Google Maps
Dynamic Google Maps widget (previously called "ACF Google Maps") allows you to build a map using data from a custom map and ACF Google Map fields.
  • Choose a custom query;
  • define the map size;
  • geolocalize your user;
  • set parameters for navigation controls;
  • use JSON SNAZZY style to color your map;
  • assign a custom icon to your marker;
  • use "Search&Filter Pro" plugin to set a custom search on multi location map.
Dynamic Posts
The Dynamic Posts widget allows you to build archives from lists of articles based on 4 different type of queries:
  • Custom Post Type and Taxonomy;
  • Dynamic, depending on where you place it;
  • ACF Relations;
  • From Specific Posts.
You can also display the lists in several layouts: basic lines, flex-grid, masonry/isotope filterable, carousel or slider, timeline. Moreover, you can use dynamic Elementor Templates to shape the blocks for the grid.
Dynamic Posts v2
The Dynamic Posts v2 widgets allows you to build archives from lists of articles based on different types of queries:
  • Custom Post Type;
  • Dynamic, depending on where you place it;
  • ACF Relationship;
  • Search & Filter Pro;
  • Search Page;
  • From specific posts;
  • From post parent;
You are able to show your posts with new fantastic layouts: Grid, Carousel, Dual Carousel, Timeline, 3D, Grid to Fullscreen 3D, Crossroads slideshow. Coming soon new skins: Smooth Scrool, Filters, Next Post. Are you looking for the old version? Go to Dynamic Posts v1.
Dynamic Redirect for Elementor PRO Form
The Dynamic Redirect extension for Elementor Pro allows you to redirect the user to different URLs based on his choice on submitted form fields value.
Dynamic Tag Template
Easily incorporate your Elementor Template everywhere in just one click! This Dynamic Tag is available on every text field (also in textarea, code, HTML and WYSIWYG)
Dynamic Tag Token
The Dynamic Tag Token extension brings the dynamic features to all compatible Controls, such as:
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number and many more
You can set a dynamic custom token as value anywhere. It allows you to fetch data from:
  • Post, like title, date and post metas
  • User, like Display Name, Email and user metas
  • Term, like Name, Count and term metas
  • etc.
Elementor PRO is NOT REQUIRED.
Dynamic Template
The Dynamic Template widget allows you to include every element of your website in a template with no need to do it again. You can choose a specific content:
  • From the same source where it is;
  • From another post, page or CPT;
  • From an Elementor template.
Do it smart! You can import a template from the list of templates in your Elementor library and generate dynamic content, as well.
Dynamic Users
The Dynamic Users widget allows you to create an archive based on data generated by users: With this widget you can:
  • Display fundamental data;
  • Show all additional metadata;
  • Create a unique style for every type of data;
  • Show attachment generated by users;
  • Build a list of posts created by users;
  • Customize the user page and create a public profile.
Dynamic Visibility
Dynamic Visibility extension allows you to hide any widget, column or section. It is particularly useful when you are building something that you don’t want to show everyone.
  • Disable or enable a whole row, section, or single widget;
  • Based on a time limit:
    • Set a start date and an end date;
    • Set days of the week;
    • Set a visible Time FROM/TO;
  • Show if the user is logged in;
  • Show if a user has a specific role;
  • Remote IP;
  • Browser;
  • Context: CPT, Page/Post, Term, Meta;
  • Conditional Logic: Conditional Tags for Post, Conditional Tags for Site, Special Pages, Archive.
Enhanced Multi-Step for Elementor Pro Form
This extension allows you to add features to Elementor Pro Multi-Step:
  • label as a legend;
  • show all steps;
  • scroll to top on step change;
  • step summary.
With the Excerpt widget you can add to your web page a shorter version of a post content and thus give just the piece of content you need. This widget allows you to:
  • Define how many characters you want to show before the ellipsis;
  • Define the graphics;
  • Choose the content source dynamically among the same source or other posts content.
Export for Elementor Pro FORM
The Export Data extension for Elementor PRO Form allows you to export submitted form data to an external service such as your marketing platform, custom API or CRM. You can count on advanced support:
  • POST or GET method;
  • set all items with dynamic value (from Form, Post, User, etc);
  • SSL check;
  • port selection;
  • JSON data;
  • full LOG report of every call.
Featured Image
The Featured Image widget allows to dynamically add an image on your web page choosing among the featured image of a specific post. You can also:
  • Give it a variable width depending on the device;
  • Decide the format;
  • Change the margin and rounding;
  • Enable the background mode to stretch the image properly;
  • Extend background in column for a responsive image;
  • Create overlay effects;
  • Use the roll-hover panel to identify a selection when mousing over images;
  • Set blur, contrast, saturation, sepia, tone or lightbox filters based on default Elementor or the incredible PhotoSwipe (highly responsive and equipped with zoom).
Field Description for Elementor Pro Form

Describe your form field on Elementor Pro Form to help users to understand better each field. You can add a tooltip or insert a text.

Field Length for Elementor Pro Form

Choose a minimum and maximum characters length for your text and textarea fields on Elementor Pro Form.

File include
The File Include widget allows to directly include files from a path in root as if you are writing code in a theme. It is an ideal tool for developers who can surely exploit all its potential.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Files can be forms or a generic content, either static or dynamic
The FileBrowser widget allows you to display a list of files you uploaded in a specific “upload” directory. This can be very useful when you need to make pictures or documents available in a simple and intuitive way. Features and settings:
  • Works with every format;
  • Display content with a click;
  • Show/Hide empty folders;
  • SubFolder manager;
  • Enable metadata info;
  • Show file extension;
  • Show file size;
  • Add a download counter for statistics;
  • Add description to files;
  • Set custom title to files and folders;
  • Hide some files and folders.
Fire ModalWindow
The Fire Modal Window widget allows you to add a “More info” or “Modal Window” button to your post and create a call-to-action.
  • Completely customizable like a simple button;
  • View content easily;
  • Dynamic and taken from a template.
Global Settings Smooth Transition
NOTICE On WordPress v5.6 jQuery was updated to a new version and Smooth Transition doesn't work correctly. The Smooth Transition widget allows you to manage the animated transition between pages in a gentle way. Your transition effect will improve the user experience. Moreover, by choosing the # content as a selector, the header and footer will not change and the transition between the pages will be more intuitive. You can apply the smooth transition to all the pages of your website.
Global Settings Tracker Header
It slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.
Icon format
The Icon Format widget allows you to add an icon for your post format and thus identify its type. You can manage:
  • Size and color;
  • Select between a circle-shaped or a square-shaped wrapper or none.
Icons for Elementor Pro Form

Add icons on the label or inside the input of form fields on Elementor Pro Form.

Inline Align for Elementor Pro Form

Choose the inline align type for checkbox and radio fields on Elementor Pro Form.

Message Generator for Elementor Pro FORM
If Elementor Pro Form standard message of success does not meet your standard, with our Message Generator extension you can now create a custom designed content using an Elementor Template with dynamic content. Thanks to this extension you can:
  • display a “thank you message” that mirrors your identity using specific colors and design;
  • display reserved contents, such as a download button, only for those users who give their email;
  • optionally hide the form after submitting.
Method for Elementor Pro Form

Add a different method attribute on your forms that specifies how to send form-data.

The Modals widget allows you to add a popup to your Elementor page. You just have to select:
  • your content;
  • whether displaying it after the page has loaded, after a click, after a page scroll or after the widget has been set;
  • the opening animation and its delay;
  • whether or not hiding the popup when scrolling the page;
  • whether displaying or not the popup on every page load or set the cookie lifetime.
Page Effects Scroll
The Page Effects Scroll extension allows you to apply a transition effect between the page’ sections. You can combine different effects with amazing results. The extension is perfectly compatible with Elementor Motion Scroll.  
Page Inertia Scroll
The Page Inertia Scroll extension allows you to apply a trend effect determined by a coefficient when scrolling the page. You can manage the bounce and the skew of the scrolling and you can apply this effect both vertically and horizontally. The extension is perfectly compatible with Elementor Motion Scroll.
Page Scroll
The Page Scroll extension is part of the Document management and is controlled by the “Page Settings” gear at the bottom left of the Elementor interface. Page Scroll features:
  • Turn single rows/sections into scrolling steps;
  • Generate minimal pagination for viewing the current position.
Page Snap Scroll
The Page Snap Scroll extension allows you to apply a snap effect between the page’ sections. By writing the ID in the section/row, you get clickable navigation elements that become popup labels. There are several configurable graphic styles for navigation:
The Panorama widget allows you to display a picture in 360 degrees through VR mode. It works with:
  • A drag and drop system on desktop;
  • A device orientation on mobile and smartphone.
You will also be able to enable the oculus mode.
The Parallax widget allows you to create and manage awesome images parallax movements through your device orientation or mouse movement.
ParentChild Menu
The Parent Child menu widget allows you to display a navigation menu of children pages on your page based on your settings of the WordPress Page Attributes block. You can thus build a custom list of entries, horizontally or vertically placed, and set several options like:
  • Style of the menu box;
  • Spacing between each item;
  • Typography of the child element;
  • Define a title based on the parent element.
Password Visibility for Elementor Pro Form
Allow your users to show or hide their password on Elementor Pro Form.
PayPal for Elementor Pro Form
Connect Elementor Pro forms to securely collect online payments through PayPal, one of the most popular payment systems in the world. You can use it for product sales, service sales, and donations, and you won't need to have an e-commerce! You can also link our extensions, to make the process efficient and complete. For example, you can generate a PDF with the order placed with our PDF Generator, you can sign this PDF with our Signature extension or you can deliver the confirmation via email using Dynamic Email. You'll also be able to use our Dynamic Visibility to filter payment views based on users.
PDF Button
The PDF Button widget allows you to save a web page or a specific part of it as a PDF. You can generate a paper page exploiting all the design possibilities of Elementor Template. Create your PDF just in a click!
PDF Generator for Elementor Pro FORM
The PDF Generator extension for Elementor Pro Form allows you to generate a PDF from an Elementor Template, which contains all the Dynamic data from the Form, the Post or the logged User. You can store the generated PDF as a Media, so you can reuse it in all the pages you need, or you can use it as a Mail Attachment in a Dynamic Email.
The PHP Raw widget allows you to apply a string of PHP code directly from the frontend. This widget is mainly for developers who are looking for the utmost control directly from Elementor. In fact you can build anything you want as a template, which gives you unlimited possibilities.
Pods Fields
The Pods Fields widget allows you to add a custom field created with PODS and manage its features whether it is:
  • Text;
  • Image;
  • URL;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Email Paragraph;
  • WYSISYG editor;
  • Code;
  • Datetime.
Post Metas
The Meta Fields widget allows to display every POST META saved in DB, natively supported by Wordpress. The widget grants you complete support for:
  • ACF
  • PODS
  • Custom Meta
  • Native WP Meta
The PrevNext widget allows you to access pages adjacent the selected post based on a category/taxonomy or tag. Features
  • Show or hide parts;
  • Define the shape of the arrow that represents the browsing;
  • Lay in an absolute way on the page;
  • Rotate vertically;
  • Settle the design.
QR and Barcodes
The QR and Barcodes widget allows you to create in a super easy way a 1D and 2D Barcode, such as EAN and QRCode. You can choose to display them as:
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • HTML
Read more button
The Read More Button widget allows to add a “read more” button below your post or on the block in the archive and create your call-to-action. The button is pure code based, which allows you to write formatted text but also upload a SVG directly inside the CLICK area.
  • It includes non-text-only code;
  • It is completely customizable like a simple button;
  • It opens pages in AJAX mode.
Regex Field for Elementor Pro Form

Check form fields by a regular expression on Elementor Pro Form.

Rellax Parallax
The Rellax Parallax extension allows you to apply a parallax effect to any widget, following the page scrolling. In order to enable it you must access from the Advanced tab settings. Parameters
  • Speed;
  • Percentage;
  • Z-Index.
Remote Content
The Remote Content widget allows you to dynamically read every type of content picked from the web, incorporate text blocks, pictures and more from external sources. This widget is compatible with REST APIs, including the native ones from WordPress, and allows to format the resulting value in JSON.
Reset Button for Elementor Pro Form

Add a reset button which resets all form values on Elementor Pro Form to its initial values.

The Advanced Scroll Reveals extension allows you to introduce new systems for the animated display of elements on the page while scrolling. Features
  • Compatible with every widget;
  • It works simultaneously with Relax and Transforms;
  • You can choose among 5 different direction options.
Save for Elementor Pro FORM
The Save Entry extension for Elementor PRO allows you to save the submitted form data in front-end by your client as:
  • Post, Title, Content and all his Metas, as Draft or Public;
  • User, which creates a new user with a defined role, autologin and update the current logged user;
  • Term, quickly, easily, intuitive.
Even if the email was lost, the saved data stays.
Search & Filter Pro
Combine the power of Search & Filter Pro front end filters with Dynamic Posts v2 or Dynamic Google Maps! Create front end search forms and filter Dynamic Posts v2 layouts using the advanced query and filter builder of Search & Filter Pro or filter a lists of posts showed on Google Maps. Note: In order to use this feature you need to install Search & Filter Pro. Search & Filter Pro is a premium product - you can get it here.
Select2 for Elementor Editor
This extension is ideal to smart up your editor functionality together with your workflow. Select2 gives you a select box with support for searching in Elementor Backend Editor.
Select2 for Elementor Pro Form

Add Select2 to your select fields on Elementor Pro Form to gives a customizable select box with support for searching.

Signature Field for Elementor Pro Form
Add a signature field to Elementor Pro Form and use it on your PDF with JS Converter.
Single Posts List
The Single Post List widget allows you to create a navigation menu choosing the items you need from your posts or your website. You can choose among several display and space options and customize the look and feel of the list. This widget is an  alternative to build a menu without using the native WordPress menu option. (totally WPML compatible)
Stripe for Elementor Pro Form
Connect Elementor Pro forms to securely collect online payments through Stripe, one of the most popular payment systems in the world. You can use it for product sales, service sales, and donations, and you won't need to have an e-commerce! You can also link our extensions, to make the process efficient and complete. For example, you can generate a PDF with the order placed with our PDF Generator, you can sign this PDF with our Signature extension or you can deliver the confirmation via email using Dynamic Email. You'll also be able to use our Dynamic Visibility to filter payment views based on users.
Submit Button for Elementor Pro Form

Add another submit button on your Elementor Pro forms.

Submit on Change for Elementor Pro Form

Submit your Elementor Pro Form automatically when your user choose a radiobutton or a select field.

SVG Blob
The SVG Blob widget allows you to create a shape and make it move using an SVG path. You can set the following parameters
  • Curve tension;
  • Number of points;
  • Min Max Radius;
  • Min Max Duration;
  • Show points.
You also can add points on the edge of the path.
SVG Distortion
The SVG Distortion widget allows you to distort your image by defining the alteration in a source image. Parameters:
  • Depth Factor
  • Scale Map
  • Static
  • Loop animation
  • Rollover
The SVG distortion can be applied to any element of your page, using Output Class field.
SVG Filter Effects
The SVG Filter Effects widget allows you to apply an SVG filter to an image. These are basic filters:
  • duotone
  • broken
  • squiggly
  • sketch
  • glitch
  • morphology
  • posterize
The SVG Filter Effects can also be applied to any element of your page, using Output Class field.
SVG Mask
The SVG Mask widget allows you to mask your SVG path with an image or a specific shape. Available Mask Types
  • image
  • ring
  • triangle
  • circle
  • hexagon
  • pentagonal
  • rhombus
  • star
  • heart
  • text
  • custom_path
The SVG mask can be applied to any element of your page, using Output Class field.
SVG Morphing
The SVG Morphing widget allows you to generate amazing animations changing from a shape to another one defined through SVG path or polyline tags. You can define each shape design.
  • Fill color;
  • Stroke color and width;
  • Pattern fill;
  • Easing Equations.
You can also define the trigger events:
  • Animated;
  • Rollover;
  • ScrollReveal.
SVG Text Path
The SVG TextPath widget allows you to write a text over an SVG path. You can customize the following parameters
  • the path offset;
  • typography;
  • colors.
Taxonomy Terms List
The Taxonomy Terms List widget allows you to create an archive type navigation menu based on a taxonomy. It generates a list of the terms that belong to a specific taxonomy so that each item can be clicked to easily access to the term archive. Moreover you can:
  • Define a separator character for multiple taxonomies;
  • Decide to make the text linked or not to its own archive.
If you use ACF you can add an image to the term.
Telegram for Elementor Pro Form
With this new extension for Elementor Pro Form you can send the content of your form to Telegram, with just a few clicks.
Terms & Taxonomy
The Terms & Taxonomy widget allows you to dynamically write and display the taxonomy of your articles.
  • Define a separator character for multiple taxonomies;
  • Check if your text is clickable and properly refer to its own archive.
You can also manage the Image and Color data from ACF to customize the widget.
The Tilt widget allows you to apply a parallax hover tilt effect to a template. You can set the following parameters:
  • TranslateZ;
  • Glare effect;
  • Perspective;
  • Scale;
  • Speed.
PS: Advanced-extension with TILT effet, for any widget, columns and row currently processing.
The Title widget allows you to add a dynamic title to your article. You can also manage the following style features:
  • Graphically set the typographic features of your title;
  • Add a separator on the left, right, top or bottom.
Moreover, if you need to, you can use another source taking your title from another post type.
The Tokens widget allows you to add shortcodes within the post text. As a result, you can show values from PostTermUserDateWP_QuerySystem and Option. Shortcode composition: – [ (open tag); – post (or user or option, required); – : field name (required, native fields and meta are supported); – : sub field key (optional and multiple, if field is array); – | ID (optional, if omitted will take the current); – ? Fallback text (optional, shown if field value is null); – ] (close tag).
The Transforms extension allows you to transform the appearance of a widget to create incredible designs. Designs available:
  • Rotation 2D and 3D;
  • Scale;
  • Translate X/Y/Z;
  • Perspective value;
  • Origin point of transformation.
Remove extra wrappers from the current element. It works on:
  • Sections
  • Columns
  • Widgets
It could be used with no problems on Widget without style applied by Elementor, like:
  • Post Content
  • ACF Text fields
  • Templates
  • PHP Raw/File include
  • List
  • Etc.
WARNING: use it carefully, because it could remove element styles and advanced functionalities.
User Fields
The User Fields widget allows you to build the user page template, implement the Dynamic Users widget templates, or add the user fields in your post template. Render mode:
  • Type
  • Image
  • Gravatar image
  • Custom fields:
    • All native fields
    • Date
    • Field Map
    • Field Repeater
    • Field Relationship
    • Field Select
    • Field CheckBox
The Views widget allows you to easily create your custom query and display all your filtered elements. It works with:
  • Posts
  • Users
  • Terms
WebGL Curtains
WebGL Images Distortions Hover
The Images Distortions Hover widget allows you to add special roll-over effects based on webgl, threejs and transformation shaders. Styles Available:
  • Drip;
  • Wave;
  • Ring;
  • Horizontal displacement;
  • Vertical displacement;
  • Displacement image map;
  • Subdivision;
  • Blow.
WYSIWYG Editor for Elementor Pro Form

Add a WYSIWYG editor to your textarea fields on Elementor Pro Form.