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The Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin is one of those tools you could never do without when you need to take complete control of your WordPress edit screens & custom field data. As web experts, we are perfectly aware of that, and that’s why we develop widgets to empower the features of this super helpful plugin.

If you are seeking interaction with your website users, you are on the right page! Our Content widgets allow you to give a more interactive aim to your website. For instance, you can create modals for your special offers, you can make your content available as PDF to the users, or you can allow your users to save the posts or products they like or even save your events directly in their calendar.

Our widgets are developed not only with a developer but also with a designer in mind. This is why our full pack of widgets for imaginative web designers perfectly combines UX with functionality needs. So, to all the creative minds out there. Just BE CREATIVE!

To all the devs out there, hello! These widgets were developed especially for you. Each of them will give you unlimited possibilities, such as applying PHP code directly from the Elementor interface and much more. So, discover all our Dev Widgets and enjoy your work even more.

The Form Builder of Elementor Pro is a helpful tool for creating basic contact forms or creating a popup for your lead generation and newsletter subscriptions. Yet, it lacks those that web experts need to create more complex forms when it comes to more advanced features. As a result, we added several options that allow more sophisticated arrangements in the form structure and more innovative management of the entries and the submitted data from the user form.

Easily customize your navigation lists like never before! Each of our listing widgets allows you to create the exact kind of list you need, whether it is a shoulder menu or a site map on the footer and without using the native WordPress option. Display your lists wherever you want and style them as you like.

If you need to add a little extra flavor to your website, our SVG widgets are the secret spice you need. Each widget allows you to add incredible effects and unique layouts to your visual content. If you are a web designer, you will desperately fall in love with these tools… WOW effect granted.

Do you want to catch your visitors’ eye? Make your website a real immersive experience with our WebGL widgets. Each of them allows you to add a mind-blowing effect based on WebGL technology and Canvas object. “Unique” won’t be just a clichè word to describe your work, but the only proper one!