Released on March 21, 2023

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  • Notice: from this version is required Elementor > v3.4.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.4.0

  • Notice: ACF Relationship (old version) widget set as deprecated

    We recommend to use the new version in the future sites, but we will not remove the old version. The new widget is based on Dynamic Posts. It allows us greater future expansion of skins and optimisation of loading times.

  • Notice: Dynamic Due Date for Elementor Countdown set as deprecated

    It has been set as deprecated since Elementor Pro added new dynamic tag for due date in v3.10.0. We will not remove our version.

  • New: Dynamic Google Maps Directions widget

    An interactive map with route details and geolocation, enhancing user experience by providing step-by-step directions and travel information.

  • New: Dynamic Tag - Map Info. To be used together with Dynamic Google Maps Directions

    This add-on enhances the widget Dynamic Google Maps Directions by displaying estimated travel times. It helps users plan routes efficiently and ensures a seamless navigation experience.

  • New: Dynamic Tag - Map Instructions. To be used together with Dynamic Google Maps Directions

    This add-on, when integrated with the Dynamic Google Maps Directions widget, provides clear step-by-step directions, allowing users to navigate with ease and confidence.

  • New: ACF Relationship widget

    The new version of ACF Relationship widget enables you to tap into the full potential of ACF's Relationship field. Effortlessly create stunning templates to showcase your content without modifying any code.

  • New: Dynamic Tags - ACF Relationship

    The Dynamic Tag - ACF Relationship feature enables seamless integration of ACF Relationship fields within dynamic tags, greatly enhancing the functionality and flexibility of Elementor Pro Forms.

  • New: Dynamic Tags - Meta Box Relationship

    The Dynamic Tag - Meta Box Relationship feature allows seamless integration of Meta Box Relationship fields within dynamic tags

  • New: Dynamic Tags - Terms

    The Dynamic Tag - Terms feature allows you to easily display terms, improving content organization and navigation, and enhancing the user experience.

  • New: Dynamic Tags - Tags

    The Dynamic Tag - Tags feature allows for easy display of WordPress tags, enhancing content discovery and simplifying navigation for your audience.

  • New: Dynamic Tags - Woo Product Categories

    The Dynamic Tag - Woo Product Categories feature enables easy retrieval and display of WooCommerce product categories, streamlining navigation and improving the shopping experience.

  • Tweak: added Query ID on Dynamic Posts, Dynamic Products, Dynamic Products On Sale, Products in the Cart, Product Upsells, Product Cross-Sells, ACF Relationship, Favorites, Woo Wishlist, Sticky Posts, Search Results, Posts by the Current User widgets

    You should use the hook 'dynamicooo/query/{query_id}'. More info here

  • Tweak: added compatibility with WP-CLI

    Here the list commands

  • Fix: ACF Fields widget would not show in some situations

    This is a rare situation in which the ACF Fields widget was not be displayed.

  • Fix: Save for Elementor Pro Form, could not save user fields when overriding if user registration was disabled

    If WordPress user registration was disable even only overriding the data of an already existing user would fail.

  • Fix: Dynamic Visibility, User Roles trigger could not be changes in some situations

    Fixes a JS problem that would prevent some user from changing the User Roles on settings.

  • Fix: Off Canvas Menu, add setting to allow filling the color of the menu icon in all cases

    The new setting for filling the color will work with all icons.

  • Fix: another minor conflict between Off Canvas Menu and Modals related to the escape key

    Pressing the escape key with the Modal open would close the Modal but also open the Off Canvas Menu.

  • Fix: Views Widgets with skin Carousel not working in some situations

    Solves a problem where the Carousel of the Views widget is clicked but nothing happens.

  • Fix: Dynamic Tag - Token, wizard, blank result when field incorrectly shown by its numeric ID

    When using the wizard selecting an ACF field sometimes the numeric ID of the field is shown instead of its label and the Tag will return a blank string. Now the Tag will return the ACF value correctly.

  • Minor Fixes

    Minor Fixes